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Additional Products and Services

In order to achieve the best results in using rainwater systems and roof safety elements we offer:

•On-site measuring, if necessary project.

•Consultations for choosing products.

•Installation and transport to the site.

•Maintenance planning and works (recommended at least once a year).


Additionally, we manufacture the following products in the shape and with the measurements of your choice that can be made to match the colour and rainwater system of your roof: 

•Ridge cappings – for all roof ridges.

•Eaves flashings – for eaves bases, for directing rainwater into gutters.

•Gable flashings – for covering gables.

•Valley and cover flashings – under and on top of the roof profile, in valley spots.

•Joint flashings – for joining the roof with walls, joining the surrounding of the chimney with the roof etc.

•Snow obstacles – for stone and trapeze profiles.

•Special purpose flashings – a good opportunity to order various additional flashings, e.g. door and window flashings, battlement and socle flashings.

We pay special attention to the selection of raw materials.