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Roof Safety Elements and Accessories

We offer a wide selection of products for safe maintenance, access and control of roofs and buildings: roof and wall ladders, roof bridges, roof barriers.

In winter and early spring people face the risk of snow and ice falling from the roof, this can also cause damage to property. To ensure safety, snow barriers and maintenance bridges made of high-quality and durable materials are installed near the entrances to the buildings, roof edges above the pavement  as well as near skylights. We also offer additional accessories for all types of roofs – strikers, fasteners and snow barrier pipes.

Correctly installed and maintained roof safety products ensure longer period of use of the roof if unintentional damaging of the roof material is prevented, the accumulating snow and ice do not pose excessive tension on the installed rainwater systems – this way the fastening and joint elements can be preserved as new for years to come.

All safety products that we provide are manufactured using 2.5mm hot-dip galvanized steel. To make the product match the client’s wishes and design of the building, the products can be used with surface cover (powder paint).